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About SCI


We are an authorized representative of institutes in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK and Ireland and a few other countries and are proud to be able to cater to all levels – schools, boarding schools, colleges and universities. So the chances of us being able to offer what you are looking for are very good indeed.

Talk to us about your study plans and the chances are we have something suitable for you. We are very good listeners and understand your needs. We are also very experienced and can give you accurate advice and expert help in accomplishing your goals. Best of all, we are entirely free and as such save you from exploitation. We have friendly staff, an open door policy and flexible office hours. We do not have a dent in our reputation and trusted by all.

Although we do not claim to offer the best or the cheapest institutes, we understand the needs of our students and therefore offer only bonafide institutes that offer quality education, teaching and facilities at an affordable price. We offer world recognized qualifications which lead to profitable careers.



In the UK, many of the institutes we represent are highly trusted and permit part time work during term and full time work during holidays. Work is also permitted at institutes in other countries barring the USA where only on campus work is permitted.

Some of the programmes we offer include salaried work placement which not only provides students with valuable work experience but also offers a means to cover the entire study and living costs and even excess savings.

We offer fast track routes which not only enables you to save time in completing your studies but which is also a means to save costs.

We are conversant and upto date with visa regulations, understand documents in Bangladesh and can help you prove what you claim without fabrications. We can also help previously refused students by evaluating the reasons for refusal and by helping them remove limitations that previously existed. Although our primary aim to is to develop honest and qualified people for our country, we also advise students of PR prospects after completion of studies and how to achieve them.

SCI Team

Authorized Representative


We are an authorized representative of Kaplan, the world’s largest education provider; of Study Group International and recruit for their international study centres, private schools and boarding schools in the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand and also an authorized representative of highly trusted government funded colleges in the UK.

Highly Trusted


We are absolutely free from A-Z and therefore make no application charges and no charges even after obtaining a visa. We have never exploited any student and have no dent to our reputation. We have an open door policy, no close circuit and no back doors to run away through. We make no guarantees and do not offer fabrications. We have sent thousands of genuine students and are highly trusted.

Highest Success Rate


We have a near 100% success rate and this is why we are FREE. We do not need any sign up fees and do not charge for offer letters and again for the final acceptances. We certainly do not make any charges for securing visas, but because our visa success rate is so high, we do not need these securities. Although we make no claim that a visa is our property and do not  offer any guarantees, we are fully conversant with visa regulations, understand documents in our country and can advise how to establish proof. We do not fabricate documents and have no incentive to do so.

A Different Perspective


We have worked hard to be different. We make no charges. We make no guarantees. Yet we succeed nearly all the time. We do not need any security for our claims because we believe in our own ability and prove it time and again. We have no cameras and have no claimants. We are here to offer genuine service to genuine students.

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