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Australian National University
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ANU was founded by the Australian Government in 1946 to apply the best minds to the biggest questions and advance Australia’s international standing. ANU has grown to become one of the world’s leading research-intensive centres of higher learning.


The University is consistently ranked in the top 50 universities in the world by a range of international measures, and 94% of research from ANU scholars is rated above world standard or well above world standard by the Australian Government’s Excellence in Research for Australia initiative. ANU scholars lead global thinking on issues of national and international signifi cance, and students go on to become leaders in their home countries and on the world stage.

A culture of discovery and inquiry informs all aspects of research and education, including the University’s connections with the world’s other top institutions.
The Australian National University Rankings
1st in Australia and 27th in the world - 2013 QS World University Rankings.
ANU ranks top 10 in the world across sevendisciplines and continues to attract some of the world’s finest students and staff. Its reputation for distinctive research is widely recognised, and its teaching programs are
among the nation’s best

Subject Rankings

Accounting 23=               History and Archaeology 7         Agriculture & Forestry 30              Law and Legal Studies 14
Biological Sciences 39    Linguistics  9                              Chemistry  51-100                         Materials Sciences 51-100
Mathematics 16              Earth and Marine Sciences 13   Medicine 51-100                           

Computer Science and Information Systems 21
Modern Languages 16   Philosophy 10                             Economics and Econometrics 24  Education and Training 37
Engineering -                  Electrical and Electronic 28        Physics 49                                     Engineering – Mechanical 51-100
Politics 6                         Psychology 30                            Sociology 17                                  English Language and Literature 23
Geography 8                   Environmental Studies 23          Statistics and Operational Research 33 


Facts At a glance


Undergraduate: 10,030
Graduate: 6,689
Domestic: 12,522 (75%)
International: 4,197 (25%)

Academic: 1,612
General: 2,374


ANU University Structure
ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences
ANU College of Asia and The Pacific
ANU College of Business and Economics
ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science
ANU College of Law
ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment
ANU College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences




Why Choose ANUC



ANU College (ANUC) is the English language and academic pathway provider for The Australian National University (ANU),
Australia’s highest ranked university and among the world’s best.


Pathway to ANU:
ANU College is the English language and academic pathway provider for ANU, one of Australia’s highest ranked universities and amongst the world’s best.


Outstanding success rate:

Consistently, more than 90% of our Pathway students successfully enter ANU degree programs. In 2012, 93% of the November graduating cohort secured a full offer from ANU.


Better Performance:

ANU College graduates perform better: in their ANU degree programs. ANUC students tend to perform better than other international or domestic students.


Guaranteed university entry:

ANUC students are guaranteed university entry into a range of undergraduate degrees at ANU upon successful completion of the ANU College Foundation Program and subject to meeting the ANU entry requirements.


Esteemed Degrees:

ANU College offers a pathway to esteemed degrees: such as the Bachelor of Actuarial Studies, a three year undergraduate degree to prepare fully qualified actuaries for careers in highly sought after financial fields. 


Links to ANU
ANU academic colleges organise special seminars tailored for ANUC students to give them insight into ANU programs.
Sharing the ANU campus gives ANUC students greater opportunities to attend university seminars.


Canberra, Australia’s education capital
Canberra offers ANU students access to a wealth of national institutions, including the Australian Parliament, the National Library and the National Gallery of Australia.
Safe, beautiful and cosmopolitan - Canberra has everything you could want!


The Programme



The ANU College Foundation Studies program is an excellent pathway to ANU. The program has been designed to provide students with the academic preparation for their intended ANU degree. Upon successful completion of the Foundation Studies program, and subject to meeting the ANU entry requirements, entry to the student’s chosen undergraduate degree program is guaranteed.


There are two programs on offer: Foundation Studies Standard (2 semesters) and Foundation Studies Extended (3 semesters)is a rigorous, focused program that provides you with the right training for university.


Studying USFP will give you the skills and preparation you need to successfully obtain a degree from Australia’s fi rst and most experienced university.


Foundation Studies Standard
The ANU College Foundation Studies Standard program comprises of nine courses: Academic English, Advanced Academic English, Computer Applications and six academic content courses. Students are assigned to an academic stream according to their indicated future ANU Degree. This ensures all necessary prerequisites and assumed knowledge courses are completed before articulation to the University.


Computer Applications runs once each week, for two hours. English courses run four times each week, to total eight
hours while all academic courses run twice a week to total four hours. It is recommended that at least the equivalent
amount of time is allocated for class preparation, homework, assignments and self study for every course students are
enrolled in. Students must pass all Semester One courses (i.e. achieve a minimum 50% in all courses) to be eligible to progress to
Semester Two.The Standard Program takes 40 weeks to complete. In this 40 week period you will study a regular pattern of ten subjects, each one for fi ve hours a week, a total of 25 hours of class time per week.


Foundation Studies Extended
The ANU College Foundation Studies Extended program comprises the following courses in the fi rst semester, all of
which are compulsory: Foundation English, History of Maths, Communication Studies and History Makers. Foundation
English runs four times each week, to total ten hours. The other courses run twice a week to total four hours each. It is
recommended that at least the equivalent amount of time is allocated for class preparation, homework, assignments and
self study for every course students are enrolled in.


A minimum grade of 60% in each course is required to continue into the Semester Two. The second and third semesters of the program follow the same streamed structure and progress rules as the Foundation Studies Standard program.The Extended Program takes 59 weeks to complete. In the first 19 weeks you will study Extended English, Australian Identity, Essential Computing Skills and the Essential Student Skills Course, PLUS two subjects from the standard 40 week course. At the end of the first 19 weeks you must pass Extended English, and meet the academic requirements of the Subjects to continue with the remaining 40 weeks of the program.


Academic Streams
Arts and Social Sciences/ Asia and the Pacific
Business and Economics
Engineering and Computer Science
SciencesPathway Streams



Entry Requirements



ANU Extended Foundation

Bangladesh: HSC


ANU Standard Foundation

Bangladesh: HSC - 60% average




ENGLISH Language Requirements


ANU Extended Foundation

Academic IELTS        IELTS 5.5 (no band less than 5.0)


TOEFL PB                 513 (TWE 4)


TOEFL IBT                52 (writing no less than 16)


Academic PTE          46 (writing no less 42)



ANU Standard Foundation

Academic IELTS        IELTS 6.0 (no band less than 5.5)


TOEFL PB                 550 (TWE 4)


TOEFL IBT                68 (writing no less than 18)


Academic PTE          54 (writing no less than 46)











Dates and Prices

State Dates:

Standard Feb and July

Extended March and October


English for Academic Purposes (EAP) (10 WEEKS) $420 per week

Access English

(10 study weeks)



  Fee (AU$) First Instalment Second Instalment Third Instalment
ANU College Foundation Studies Standard
  Fee AU$ 1st Installment 2nd Installment  
Feb (2 Semesters) $22,500 $11,250 On Acceptance $11,250 07/07/2015  
July (2 semesters) $22,500 $11,250 On Acceptance $11,250 07/07/2015  
ANU College Foundation Studies Extended
March(3 semesters) $28,500 $9,500 On Acceptance $9,500 06/07/2015 $9,500 02/02/2016
October (3 semesters) $28,500 $9,500 On Acceptance $9,500 01/02/2016 $9,500 06/07/2016




Enrolment fee $300















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