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Our Message


Education is the backbone of any country and for a developing country like Bangladesh, overseas education is even more important because of the higher standard of education, better and dedicated teachers, better facilities and upto date curriculums and study materials. Thus making them more utilizable.

We are an experienced student recruitment firm. Our services include accurately advising about the institutes we represent and about the courses they teach. We make no exaggerations and do not attempt to mislead. We have no charges but individual institutes have their own terms and conditions and the terms of visas also differ from country to country. So we expect students to fully understand what we are offering them before committing themselves.

Although not a very old recruitment firm, we are very experienced. Our managing partner was involved in the recruitment business from August 1998 as a founder partner of the Youth Education Service. He has, till date, recruited thousands of students for the UK, Ireland, Australia and Canada and we are proud to add that he has received several awards including the world’s top recruiter for a single institute in the UK, no less than three times, albeit not in consecutive years.

We are extremely proud to have someone who has achieved the world’s top recruiter award at our helm not only because it proves that we can do better than our competitors in Bangladesh, but because it also proves that we try harder for you.

Student Connection International have no sub agents, but we are represented by our branch offices in several cities. We hope to expand slowly but steadily into different cities and to hopefully one day offer students an opportunity to gain our advice and support locally.

As a key player in this field we are known and loved by many. It makes us extremely happy when we are approached by some of our students who have successfully completed their studies and are doing well and are contributing towards our country. Even if we are sometimes unable to recognize many of them, we are very happy to be approached and to learn what benefits have been obtained from studies overseas.

SCI Team

Continuous Growth


We are dedicated to our task, keep upto date with changes and always work hard to help our students so that we can continue to grow. We already have a large number of successful students and regular referral base and as we help new students we maintain and steady and continuous growth. You find us knowledgeable and helpful, but we will never invent anything in case we do not know the answer to your query and we will never mislead you. We offer the complete information and allow time to research and verify.



We do not sell fabricated documents, do not claim visa guarantees, do not have close circuit and have no back doors to run away from. We have an open door policy during office hours, are fully authorised by the institutes we represent and represent only bonafide institutes. We encourage you to verify, provide full contact details of our institutes and explain terms and conditions and small print.

Absolutely Free


We make no charges for applications and no charges even after you obtain a visa. Even if you are unfortunately refused a visa, we still continue to work for you. We give you accurate advice and we encourage you to verify. You are certainly never obligated to commit. We know what we are doing and help you more even though we charge you nothing.

Highly Experienced Team


We have the experience to help you. Our team are fully trained to give you detailed information about the institutes we represent, about the courses and even about how to apply for a visa. We advise what documents you need, understand documents in Bangladesh and can help you prove what you claim without fabrications. If you have been refused, we evaluate the reasons and advise you how to eliminate your limitations.

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