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Frequently Asked Questions


Do Student Connection International make any charges?
No. We make absolutely no charges to students whatsoever – no application fees and no charges even after obtaining visas.

How do student Connection International cover its costs?
Student Connection International is a registered business and as such we must try to make profit. We retained by the institutes we represent and thereby cover our costs.

Do we represent the best or the cheapest institute?
We make no claim to offer the best or the cheapest institute but rather try to offer what best suits the needs of our students. We represent only bonafide institutes that offer useful and recognized qualifications.

Do we guarantee visas?
No we do not. Visas are not our property, but we can advise what you need to qualify for a visa and can help you describe your documents to prove your claims and to increase your chances. We have a good track record and have sent thousands of students till date.

Do we offer packages?
No we do not. We do not offer any form of fabrications and rather represent genuine students only.

How can a student know if we are authorized by an institute?
We offer full contact details of our institutes and the best way to find out is to contact them directly.

Why is our name not listed in the institute website?
Websites need to be maintained. If we are not listed in a website, it is simply because the website has not been updated. The best way to verify if we are authorized is by contacting the institute directly.

How can I get help from SCI?
The best way to get help from SCI is to be specific about your needs. If we know what you want, we have a better chance of helping you.

Why have I not received a reply to my email enquiry?
We answer all mails. So you can be sure to receive a reply. However some replies can be made instantly whereas others need us to refer to institutes for more information. You can of course call us or visit if you prefer.

Your Questions


We could not list all your questions even if we wanted to. There is simply not enough space, but we value your <br />questions very much and want to know what are seeking. If we know what you are seeking, then we can help you better. <br />If we do not know the answer we will get it from somewhere else.

How to send us your questions


You can call us, visit us or just send an email. We answer all our mails and so you can be assured of a reply. Some mails take longer because we need to refer to others for a reply. So if you have not received your reply yet, please be patient or simply call to remind us.

Our Answers


We cannot claim to know everything and may need to refer to others from time to time, but we are experienced and should be able to cope with most of your needs. We would like to remain as transparent as possible so that we can gain your trust. So you can always be assured of the correct answer.

How quickly we will respond


We will usually respond to a query the same day unless we are in a weekend or government holiday or unless we need to refer to someone else for an answer to your query. You will never get an invented answer. We will never evade your question and you will always get the complete truth.

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