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Things to Avoid




Things to Avoid
Things to Avoid
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Things to Avoid


Beware of Agents that charge !
Authorized representatives receive commissions which can add up to a good amount. So there is no need to charge. Some agents try to exploit their students. So be careful.

Beware of Guarantees !
Visas are not the property of any agent and are subject to law. An application will be refused if it does not fall within the guideline and no agent is able to secure a visa in such cases. Usually some applications will always succeed so guarantees are pointless and only gains the unscrupulous agent.

Beware of Fabrications and False Information !
Submitting fabrications and false information is dishonest and criminal. If you are caught you could be banned. If you pay for fabrications and are banned, only you will be the loser.

Beware of Close Circuits !
Although close circuits are a means of security unfortunately many agents use them to know who is climbing up their stairs and whether they are returning for a refund. Dishonest agents will try to withhold your refund for as long as possible and may even try not to pay you. An agent without close circuit will never know you are coming.

Beware of Exaggerations and Evasiveness !
Desperate agents might exaggerate or might try to evade answers. You deserve accurate information because you are entering into one of the highest costs of your life. It is a lifetime investment which can make or break your future. So do not be swayed to exaggerations and certainly demand to know as much as possible.

Beware of Cash Payments !
Cash has no identity and you will have no proof of payment. There is also no guarantee of getting a refund. If you pay via bankers draft or via TT it is very secure because only the beneficiary can cash it. Also, as a student file is required, you have evidence to seek legal means if a refund is not paid.

Beware of Visa Colleges !
Visa colleges may offer you acceptances that other institutes will not, but they have a likelihood of being shut down. Those that have been shut down have never repaid the advance tuition fees. So it is a very high risk to apply to a visa college.

A Huge Investment


Your study costs could be one of the largest investments you ever have to make. Being mislead or cheated could cost you a large sum of money and may even lose you a lifetime opportunity that you would otherwise have had a chance to secure. Education can be the most dynamic means to a prosperous future. So be careful when making a choice.

Avoid Shortcuts


Short cuts can easily get you into trouble. If you have read the story of the tortoise and the hare then you will know that slow and steady wins the race. Some students try to avoid taking IELTS and others are even more foolish and try to avoid securing enough funds. If you want a prosperous future then you must avoid short cuts.

Watch the Signs


There are lots of cheats out there. You cannot normally tell until it is too late and you are cheated, but some of the signs have been given for your benefit. Some of the signs are very obvious and if you fall into one of those traps it is your own fault. Many students have been cheated before you and you should learn from their mistakes. So watch the signs and be very careful.

Don't waste your money


Cheaper is not always better. Make sure you do the research and verify everything before you enter into commitment. Make sure you have the complete information and try to match them to your priorities. Beware that cheaper could result in a visa refusal or even worse - the institute could close down and could lose your right to stay and even your money.

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