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USA Universities in Partnership with StudyGroup
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USA Universities in Partnership with StudyGroup


Study Group International is a limited company specializing in the teaching of English to international students, and in courses aimed at preparing international students for university-level education in six English speaking countries - UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand as well as the Netherlands.


The company's trading names include Embassy (formerly named Embassy CES), Bellerbys College in the UK and Martin College in Australia. Study Group also operates International Study Centres within UK and US universities. It has offices in London and Brighton, England, New York City, USA and Sydney, Australia and also operates in Canada and New Zealand.


It is a market leader in providing pathway education throughout the world with over 50,000 graduates per year.


In the USA, StudyGroup have partnered with the following universities.


James Madison University   University of Vermont      University of Southern Maine      University of Maine


Widener University     Roosevelt University            University of Long Island        

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