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Application Procedure
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Learn about the institutes we offer. Research on the internet to see which is best suited to your needs. Students should try to find out about the university, teaching and facilities, cost, payment terms, terms and conditions, refund policy, entry requirements, type and duration of visa, whether work is allowed, location, cost of living and job opportunities, post study work opportunities, PR opportunities before committing themselves.The terms of conditions of enrolment is very essential and tells you about what you can do and what you cannot do as well as refund policies.


Compliance is key and you should first satisfy the entry requirements of an institute and also be certain that yoiu meet the visa requirements. We do not offer short cuts and do not waive any conditions. You will need to satisfy all the entry conditions if you wish to apply and be successful for a visa.


Submit an application: We will need a signed application form, copies of education certificates, IELTS, passport. If you have any study gaps, we need to know what you have been doing and why the gaps had occurred. We will revert back with an offer and invoice. If you downloading the application forms from our library, your education certificates will need to be attested by us. So you will need to show them physically. In this regard there are no charges whatsoever, but we will need to be satisfied that you genuinely intend to study, can afford the tuition fees and that you can meet the visa requirements.


Pay your advance tuition fees: Never pay cash to an agent. We ask you to secure a student file and to pay via your bank to the university bank. Advance tuition fees are essential before a visa because we need to be certain that you committed to your aims and that you will study. Advnace tuition fees are refundable by the institute. some institutes deduct an admin fee. So please read the terms and of enrolment before you submit your application.


We will issue a CAS/COE/I20/Final Acceptance letter so that you can submit a visa application.


We will advise about visa requirements, duration of a visa and permission to work as well as the amount you need to show in a bank account and which banks are approved etc. Visa applications can take time - some countries take longer than others. You should apply for a visa well and advance and therefore should start your reaserch much earlier. In many countries, you will be required to resubmit your visa application and financial documents and a new acceptance letter if you miss the deadline and are forced to defer your course commencement. In such cases you will also need to pay the visa fee again. This is why it is imperative that you apply early. So that you do not need to resubmit your visa application.


After you have obtained a visa we will advise of what documents you need to take to your desired destination and how to register at the university.


It is very simple. We will help you every step of the way if you genuinely want to study. You should apply as early as possible.

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