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UK Independent Colleges
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Institutes in the UK


We represent some of the highest ranking, most exciting universities to study in the UK. Click on the links on the menu buttons above to learn more about the institutes we represent including ranking, programmes, entry requirements, costs and dates.


Besides the menu given above, we have included some links separately below because they are essentially different. The above links offers direct entry to universities in the UK or are offered in partnership with these universities to provide pathway entry whereas the links below are indepent colleges where, as per UK law, work is not allowed. Some of them do however offer pathway programmes and entry to a variety of universities in the UK including some of the highest ranking and most sought after universities or else offer degree programmes via tuition support.


You will also note that there are some links classified as schools even if their names might differ because they offer High School qualifications such as O levels and A levels. These include medical options and entry to Oxford and Cambridge as well as some of the top universities in the UK.

UK Independent Colleges


These have been indexed separately.


We have divided the following institutes into two groups because we think they are different. The first four - CEG Foundation Campus, Into London, Into Manchester are actually part of some of the leading pathway providers in the world - Study Group, Into Higher Education and Cambride Education Group. They offer a variety of programmes to help you gain entry into some of the top universities in the UK. CEG Foundation Campus is situated at Birkbek College, University of London and focuses on entry routes to University of London Colleges. Into London also has great relations with a number of the University of London Colleges.


Into Higher Education and Cambridge offer pathway programmes which can be found on top of this page, they have been calssfied separately because these are offered not in partnership with a particular university, but rather with an aim to offering a greater choice.


Interestingly, the next two instititues in this menu are multi campus institutes. SAE institute is located in 38 countries around the world. Istituto Marigoni is one of the leading fashion schools in the world and is located in London UK as well as Parin, France and Milan, Italy. 



UK Independent Schools


These have been indexed separately.


Gaining entry into a University of your choice for the programme of your choice is highly competitive and requires better tuition support and more expert help. These schools cater to superior O and A level tuition support to help you gain entry to almost anywhere you want and to the programmes of your choice. there is a specialized medicine focus, engineering focus and even a specialized University of Oxford and University of Cambridge focus, but in general these institutes are geared to help you reach the goals that other institutes can only dream of.


You can gain entry to the top universities and the most competititve programmes because these institutes have the expertise and experience. Boarding facilties are also available. Although the last one is an institute in partnership with the University of East Anglia - itself one of the top universities in the UK - it has been classified as an independent institute because its nature is different from the university.





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