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University of New Hampshire
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University of New Hampshire


Facts about UNH
Tier 1 National University
Ranked #97 by U.S. News & World Report 2014
Ranked #44 Top Public School by U.S. News & World Report 2014
Best Northeastern College - Princeton Review 2014
One of 13 universities in the USA to hold land, sea and space grants
Dining services won the Culinary Institute of America’s
2012 Goldies Award for Health and Wellness
18 NCAA Division 1 athletic sports teams
Consistently ranked among the top 3 safest states in the U.S. by the Institute for
Economics and Peace

With a rich history of traditions dating back to 1866, UNH combines the
atmosphere of a small New England liberal arts college with the resources
and opportunities of a major research university.

Did you know?
■■ In 2011 the UNH accounting program was named one of the top
programs of its kind in the world by Brigham Young University.
■■ UNH was ranked 2nd in the world in accounting information systems,
and number 12 in the world in experimental accounting research.
■■ UNH has the one of the oldest Hospitality Management program
in the country and one of the 10 programs worldwide accredited by ACPHA (Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration).

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science
■■ Bioengineering ■■ Chemical Engineering with an option in: -- Bioengineering
-- Energy -- Environmental Engineering ■■ Chemistry ■■ Civil Engineering ■■ Computer Engineering
■■ Computer Science with an option in: -- Bioinformatics ■■ Electrical Engineering ■■ Environmental Engineering with an option in: -- Municipal Process ■■ Environmental Sciences with an option in:
-- Ecosystems – Hydrology -- Soil and Watershed Management ■■ Geology ■■ Information Technology
■■ Mathematics ■■ Mathematics, Applied – Computation -- Dynamics and Controls -- Economics
-- Fluid Dynamics -- Solid Mechanics and Vibrations ■■Mathematics Education with a mandatory
option in:-- Elementary-- Middle/Junior High – Secondary ■■Mechanical Engineering ■■ Physics with an option in: -- Astronomy -- Chemical Physics -- Material Sciences
Bachelor of Arts
■■ Anthropology ■■ Art History ■■ Art Studio ■■ Classics ■■ Communication with an option in:-- Business Applications -- Media Practices ■■ English ■■ English/Journalism ■■ English Literature ■■ English Teaching ■■ European Cultural Studies ■■ French ■■ French Studies ■■ Geography ■■ German ■■ Greek ■■ History ■■ Humanities ■■ Latin ■■ Linguistics ■■ Music with a mandatory  option in: -- Music Composition -- Music Liberal Studies -- Performance Study ■■ Philosophy ■■ Political Science ■■ Psychology ■■ Russian ■■ Sociology ■■ Spanish ■■ Theatre (option in Dance) ■■ Women’s Studies Bachelor of Music ■■ Composition ■■ Music Education ■■ Performance ■■ Pre-Teaching Bachelor of Science ■■ Neuroscience and Behavior with a mandatory option in: -- Animal  Behavior – Integrative


Entry Requirements

Bangladesh Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) with a 50% or higher
India • All India Senior Secondary Certificate (CSBE) with 50% and higher
• CICSE with C1 or 5 (C1-A1) (5-1)
General Certificate of Education:
Ordinary Level (GCE O-levels)
Completion with a C or higher

UPP: Undergraduate First-year university courses (freshman)
Completion of Year 12 (or equivalent)
This program is equivalent to the first year of an FAU
To complete the UPP: Undergraduate, you
will need to successfully complete a minimum of 30
credits.  This program is usually completed in three
terms (one year).
Pre-Master’s Program (PMP)†
Graduate program All academic transcripts will be
evaluated by the FAU Graduate School. For more information
please refer to the PMP section at FAU.navitas.com
This is designed for students who have completed a bachelor’s degree, but need additional academic support in areas such as research methods and
academic writing to gain entry to an FAU graduate program. To complete the PMP, you will need to successfully complete a minimum of 28 credits.
The PMP is normally completed over two terms. * See page 19 for English language requirements. See pages 20-21 for equivalent academic entry requirements for different countries. † Subject to approval by FAU faculty.

English Language Requirements

IELTS 5.0 (no band lower than 4.5) 5.5 (no band lower than 5.0) 5.5 (with no band below 5.0)
TOEFL Paper/iBT 500 (59 iBT) 525 (69 iBT) 525 (69 iBT)
Pearson Versant 46 50 50


Dates and Prices


IUTP Duration Total program fees (US$)
Stage I – English 1, 2 or 3 semesters $8,883 per semester (16 credits)
Stage II – Academics 3 semesters $26,650 (36 credits)
Other fees and charges
On-campus residential housing Per semester $3,136
Unlimited meal plan Per semester $1,892 August and January/$483 May
Other mandatory fees† Per semester $1,513 August and January/$320 May
Medical insurance (compulsory) Per year $2,683
* Note: All tuition, fees and charges are subject to change without notice. For the most up-to-date fee listings, please visit unh.navitas.com/enroll-today/fees.
† Mandatory fees are paid by all UNH students. This cost covers Student Activities, Health Services, Counseling Center, Deferred Maintenance, Memorial Union, Student Recreation, Student Athletics, Transportation and
Technology fees. Students are required to live on campus and purchase the university’s unlimited meal plan for a minimum of two semesters. Please visit unh.edu/business-services/feeinfo for more information.



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