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Florida Atlantic University
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Florida Atlantic University


Why study with Navitas at FAU?
A world class education in a beautiful sub-tropical setting.
Six campuses across southern Florida.
Navitas at FAU offers high quality educational programs in a supportive
environment and as a Navitas at FAU student, you will benefit from the
attention and dedication of an outstanding team of staff and faculty.
FAU has an international reach with a personal touch that inspires students
to succeed.
High-quality education is the first step to a successful future and FAU has over 750 full-time FAU faculty members holding degrees from almost 300 colleges and universities worldwide

FAU: Achievements and highlights
■■ FAU students from all 50 states, every county in Florida and more than 180 countries meet one another and form lasting relationships in the University’s classrooms, labs, residence halls and dining establishments as well as through the activities of 300 clubs and campus organizations.
■■ The College of Business features the Adams Center for  Entrepreneurship, which prepares students in business, science,  Engineering and other disciplines to become entrepreneurs through business ownership or venturing.
■■ The Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine, opened in Fall 2011, has
established relationships with several prominent area hospitals that are serving as sites for clerkships, hospitalbased electives and residencies.
■■ FAU is home to the Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center, a federally funded research facility that is developing technology to generate energy by harnessing the power of Florida’s ocean currents.
■■ FAU has an annual economic impact of $6.3 billion. FAU’s Lifelong Learning Society is one of the largest and most successful programs of its kind in the United States, with more than 20,000 patrons enrolled on the Boca Raton and Jupiter campuses.
■■ FAU is taking its place among the world’s great research centers and has been given the designation of “High Research Activity” university by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

Undergraduate Programs

■■ Anthropology ■■ Art History ■■ Communication Studies ■■ Commercial Music ■■ English ■■ French Studies ■■ History
■■ Interdisciplinary Studies: Arts & Humanities ■■ Interdisciplinary Studies: Social Science ■■ Italian Studies ■■ Jewish Studies
■■ Linguistics ■■ Multimedia Studies ■■ Music ■■ Music Education
■■ Philosophy ■■ Political Science ■■ Sociology ■■ Spanish Studies
■■ Studio Art ■■ Theatre & Dance

■■ Accounting ■■ Economics ■■ Finance ■■ Health Administration
■■ Hospitality Management ■■ International Business & Trade
■■ Management: Leadership & Entrepreneurship ■■ Management Information Systems ■■ Marketing

■■ Architecture ■■ Criminal Justice ■■ Public Management ■■ Public Safety Administration ■■ Social Work ■■ Urban Design ■■ Urban Design & Regional Planning

■■ Civil Engineering ■■ Computer Engineering ■■ Computer Science
■■ Electrical Engineering ■■ Environmental Engineering ■■ Geomatic Engineering ■■ Ocean Engineering ■■ Mechanical Engineering

■■ Biology ■■ Biology – Marine Biology ■■ Biology – Molecular, Microbiology and Biotechnology ■■ Biology – Ecology and
organismic Biology ■■ Biology – Pre-med/Pre-professional
■■ Neuroscience and Behaviour ■■ Chemistry ■■ Chemistry – Biochemistry ■■ Geography ■■ Geology ■■ Mathematics
■■ Physics ■■ Psychology ■■ Psychobiology – Animal Behavior
■■ Psychobiology – Neuroscience

Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs

■■ MA Anthropology ■■ MA Comparative Literature ■■ MA English
■■ MA French Studies ■■ MA History ■■ MA Linguistics ■■ MA Political Science ■■ MA Sociology ■■ MA Spanish ■■ MA Women’s Studies


■■ MA Communication Studies ■■ MFA Media, Technology
and Entertainment ■■ MA Music ■■ MA Commercial Music
■■ MFA Theatre & Dance ■■ MFA Studio Art ■■ MFA Graphic Design


■■ MBA ■■ MA Accounting ■■ MA Health Administration ■■ MA Taxation ■■ MS Finance ■■ MS Economics ■■ MS Information Technology & Management ■■ MS Music Business Administration


■■ MS Civil Engineering ■■ MS Environmental Engineering ■■ MS Bioengineering ■■ MS Computer Engineering ■■ MS Computer Science
■■ MS Electrical Engineering ■■ MS Information Technology & Management ■■ MS Ocean Engineering ■■ MS Mechanical Engineering





Entry Requirements

UPP: Undergraduate First-year university courses (freshman)
Completion of Year 12 (or equivalent)
This program is equivalent to the first year of an FAU
To complete the UPP: Undergraduate, you
will need to successfully complete a minimum of 30
credits.  This program is usually completed in three
terms (one year).
Pre-Master’s Program (PMP)†
Graduate program All academic transcripts will be
evaluated by the FAU Graduate School. For more information
please refer to the PMP section at FAU.navitas.com
This is designed for students who have completed a bachelor’s degree, but need additional academic support in areas such as research methods and
academic writing to gain entry to an FAU graduate program. To complete the PMP, you will need to successfully complete a minimum of 28 credits.
The PMP is normally completed over two terms. * See page 19 for English language requirements. See pages 20-21 for equivalent academic entry requirements for different countries. † Subject to approval by FAU faculty.

English Language Requirements

IELTS 5.0 (no band lower than 4.5) 5.5 (no band lower than 5.0) 5.5 (with no band below 5.0)
TOEFL Paper/iBT 500 (59 iBT) 525 (69 iBT) 525 (69 iBT)
Pearson Versant 46 50 50


Dates and Prices





2015 Spring/Summer Tuition fees and Charges
Program Program Duration Tuition/Fees
Undergraduate Pathway Program - Standard 3 terms US$597.18 per credit
Undergraduate Pathway Program – Integrated 3 terms US$3,800.00 (Integrated Component Only)
Pre-Master’s Program 2 terms US$927.51 per credit
Other fees and charges
On-campus Residential Housing^ Per term US$3,300 per term
19 Meal Plan Per term US$1,901.50 per term
Other Mandatory Fees** Per term US$1,209.10 per term
Medical Insurance (Compulsory) Per year US$1,350 annually
Note: All tuition, fees and charges are subject to change without notice.
^Students are required to live on campus and purchase the university’s meal plan.

*Housing cost based on Parliament Hall and may be more or less depending on the residence hall and type of room.
** Mandatory fees are paid by all FAU students. This cost covers Activities & Service Fee, Athletic Fee, Health Fee, Technology Fee and Capital Improvement Fee.





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