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VU University, Amsterdam
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 VU University Amsterdam is a top 150 world-ranked university, currently at 144th in the Times Higher Education World University rankings 2013/14. VU is located in the heart of Amsterdam's business district and good relations with businesses in Amsterdam mean that there are opportunities for internships as well as good employment prospects after graduation for VU students.


VU University Amsterdam: Looking further
Ever since it was founded in 1880, VU University Amsterdam has been known for its distinctive approach to learning and
knowledge. VU is an open organisation, strongly linked to people and society and with wide collaboration with business.


rankings 2013/14What matters is not just the acquisition of a greater depth of knowledge, but also a wider one. VU asks and expects its students, researchers, PhD candidates and employees to look further – to look further than their own interests and their own field, and further than what is familiar and furtherthan the here and now.


VU is one of two large, publicly funded research universities in the city, the other being the University of Amsterdam.


VU stands for 'Vrije Universiteit' which means 'Free University'. Here, 'free' refers to freedom from state and church interference. The university now comprises twelve faculties and has teaching facilities for 26,000 students. With more than 50 Bachelor’s programmes and almost a 100 Master’s programmes, VU University Amsterdam offers a wide choice of study options.


The emblem of the university is the griffin. The position of its wings symbolizes the freedom in the university's name: freedom from both state and church.


Though founded as a private, faith-based institution, VU has received government funding on a parity basis with public universities since 1970. Over the past decades, VU has transformed from a small, Protestant institution into a broad, research-intensive university attended by a wide variety of students of diverse backgrounds.


In 2012, VU had about 24,500 registered students, most of whom were full-time students. Measured in FTE, the university had 2,250 faculty members and researchers, who were supported by 1,500 administrative, clerical and technical employees. The university's annual endowment for 2013 is around €450 million. About three quarters of this endowment is government funding, the remainder is made up of tuition fees, research grants, and private funding.


Holland International Study Centre



Situated at the heart of Europe, in Amsterdam, the Holland International Study Centre puts you in the best place to prepare for a respected degree at the University of Groningen, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Hanze University of Applied Sciences,  Wageningen University, VU University Amsterdam, NeyenRhode New Business School, Nyenrode Business Universiteit, Stenden University Of Applied Sciences, University of Twente, Van Hall Larenstein, University Of Applied Sciences, while allowing you to gain a broad perspective on European culture.


The Holland International Study Centre can provide you with all the support you need to secure a place at this prestigious seat of
learning, from the application process right through to English language and academic preparation for your chosen degree.


Support in making your university application
The dedicated Holland International Study Centre team will support you in applying for a place at the University of Groningen,
which you’ll need to do before you enrol on one of the International Study Centre’s degree preparation programmes. Guidance at every step of the way With small classes and continuous monitoring of your progress, you’ll receive expert guidance at every step of your journey towards an internationallyrenowned undergraduate or postgraduate qualification.

Essential academic and English language skills
Benefit from an introduction to the same teaching styles as those in place on your University of Groningen degree course. By
improving your English skills, you’ll gain the confidence you need to realise your true potential, while academic skills training
provides the tools to help you succeed at a top European university.


International Foundation Year
Choose between Holland ISC’s International Foundation Year programmes in Business and Management or Science and Engineering, each preparing you thoroughly for the first year of an undergraduate degree.

Raise your English language skills to the required level and gain essential academic skills, while you settle into the Dutch education system and European culture. Whether you are aiming for an undergraduate or a postgraduate qualification.


English Pre-Masters Programme
Helping you improve your English language skills in preparation for postgraduate study, the English Pre- Masters at the Holland ISC leads to one of a wide range of masters programmes

Foundation Program

International Foundation Year

The International Foundation Year at the Holland International Study Centre provides a route to the following degrees
at VU University Amsterdam:


Progression Degrees Include the following:


BSc International Business Administration (3 years) The programme focuses on the professional services industry, the largest
and fastest growing sector in Western economies, where high levels of knowledge are required to be competitive. The companies operating in this sector include banks, transport companies, insurers, consultancies, accountancy firms, logistics specialists and e-business providers. Your career prospects upon graduation will be excellent!


BSc Computer Science (3 years) The programme will prepare you for a job in an exciting and fast-moving industry. There is a clear structure that nurtures technical, academic and social skills. You will have plenty of opportunity to excel and learn from your teachers, mentors and your fellow students in a cooperative and open environment.


Studying Computer Science at VU University Amsterdam means receiving education from some of the top researchers in the
field. VU strongly believes that our research staff should teach at all levels so you will find that most of our first-year courses are
taught by some of the world’s most cited researchers in their field.


Honours programme
An honours programme is available for high-achieving students consisting of a combination of interdisciplinary and business courses that will add 30 credits to your diploma. All IBA students spend the first half of their third year abroad. VU has close connections with over 80 partner universities all over the world where you can spend a semester abroad. There are
also opportunities to combine your courses with an international internship. VU’s good relations with businesses in Amsterdam
mean that there are opportunities for internships as well as good employment prospects after graduation.






Entry Requirements and Fees

International Foundation Year


Academic Requirements

Bangladesh: Senior School Certificate/Higher Secondary Certificate with good grades



English requirements


International Foundation Year

IELTS 5.0 (overall score)


Start Dates


International Foundation : September 2015






Interntaional Foundation Year : €14,550







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